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When Crocheters Feel Competitive

I am still working on the Afghan pattern from Learn to Crochet Circles into Squares.  I've just wanted to, and it's awesome to throw myself into something I enjoy so wholeheartedly.

To be clear, I've been interested and/or enthused about nearly every Leisure Arts pattern I've worked and written about here.  There are some projects that I've finished and thought, "Well, now that I know what that's like....I never want to try it again."  There are others that I attempted just because I'd never tried them before and I wound up not only liking them, but trying out new things related to the technique/pattern/aesthetic.  And then there are patterns I've worked on where I have to keep working on them and also maybe writing about them, blogging consistency and standards of nonobnoxiousness be darned.

This afghan project is one such project.

This tends to happen with just about any square pattern, any book of baby hats, and anything that lets me get crazy with color.  And let's be super obvious for a moment and mention that this blanket has a lovely amount of color.

I had originally started this to use up some scrap yarn, and this was a fabulous scrap yarn project.  But I messed that plan up a bit this weekend.  I knew I would need more brown yarn, and some dark green yarn for the green circles.  But I needed teal and aqua yarn for my sixth color combination, and I didn't have either of those colors in my stash.  I had planned to crochet more blue circles, but then it hit me.  I wanted to enter this in the state fair.  The judges would not like the extra blue.  If this were a gift, a rational person might accept this as a designing quirk or graciously assume that I had stash issues.  But a judge?  A judge would know I had deviated from the pattern in some way and s/he would not approve.  And then I might not get a ribbon.  And that is not something I think I can handle.  Not for this.

So I spent an extra $6 on some Red Heart and made some more circles.  You can almost never get peace of mind for so cheap! They're lovely, and I know I'll use up this yarn in no time.

I crocheted up all of my circles in all of my colors before going to my knitting group's potluck this weekend.  That was on a Saturday afternoon and it felt great.  I had all of my colors!  Everything was set!  I took my circles and my brown yarn to a friend's house and I got right to work.  Okay, I got right to work after a lot of cheese-based dishes and three desserts and several shouting conversations about....whatever it is we wind up shouting about when we get together.  And then I crocheted nearly 30 squares around those circles.


I was methodical, and slightly obsessed.  And I think that's okay.  I'm really enjoying this pattern. I'm really excited to enter an afghan into the state fair.  I'm really excited about being excited about a project.

And I'm really excited that I only have 6 more squares to make. 

If my excitement can carry me through the seaming process, then this will all be perfect.

6 thoughts on “When Crocheters Feel Competitive”

  • Sherry

    I love this pattern as well and your excitement coments through your blog. It's going to beautiful and you should be proud. I know the judges will love it.

  • vshaw

    Beautiful colors! I have no idea how you turn them into squares, but very cool! Will there be some kind of colorful edging on it?

    • Jen

      Thank you, it's such a fun thing! You just work stitches of different lengths to change the way the rows look. I think the edging is just supposed to be a few rows of the main color. But a part of me wants to use blue. I'm definitely going to think about that more the closer I get to finishing!

  • Johanna

    Beautiful! How do you plan on joining them?

    • Jen

      The pattern calls for seaming. It's not my favorite, but it could be a nice TV-watching project for a few days. And thank you! It's nice to see you over here!

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