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eBook Knit Ponchos, Hat and Mittens

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Product Description

"Ponchos: Knitted Poncho, Hat, and Mittens Set in Child Size 2 to Adult by Jeannine C. Laroche (Knit, Poncho, Hat, Mittens, Child, Kids, Adult, Fashion, Wardrobe, DIY, Leisure Arts, Jeannine C. Laroche, 50 Year Anniversary, 50th Anniversary, Retro, Vintage) The ponchos in this leaflet are the perfect knitting project for a relaxing weekend. Your designs will range from child Size 2 to adult, so you can knit as many ponchos as your heart desires! Who’s going to stop you? No one, that’s who! So, sit down, grab this leaflet, read alongside these fun and easy instructions, and get to knitting! "

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