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The Knook Value Pack

Product Review (submitted on February 22, 2014):
I had originally bought the Beginner Expanded Set to see how I liked doing my knitting with a Knook and found I liked the technique, even though it was slower than actually knitting but with my loss of vision I'd had to stop knitting as it was frustrating dropping stitches, etc. The only problem was one wooden Knook was split where the thread eye was and another had burrs on the hook area that my husband had to sand off. Both these caused catching on the tread and yarn. The one with the split at the eye was the H size so the one most of the patterns call for you to use and my threads were all ragged and frayed from the projects I'd made already. I was hoping the plastic ones might be in better shape and the eye for the thread is much bigger although still difficult for me to do myself. There is a burr where the plastic was injected into the mold for manufacturing but that was easy for hubby to remove and I'm halfway though my first project using a plastic Knnok and it's going very well!

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