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Giggles & Grins eBook

Product Review (submitted on May 31, 2014):
In general, I like Vanna White's pattern books because the yarn requirements are so consistent throughout, calling for her "Vanna's . . ."-branded line of yarns made by Lion Brand, which is usually pretty easy to find. This new Vanna White pattern book continues that tradition, calling for only Vanna's Choice Baby & regular Vanna's Choice yarns (which can be used interchangably). You'll usually be using a 6mm/J hook for these projects, with some exceptions (amigurumi patterns will call for a smaller hook, while double-stranded projects will call for a larger hook). The patterns appear to be clearly written and easy to follow, and are enlivened with Vanna's introductions, which often share anecdotes about her own children when they were babies. The usual "how to crochet" reference section is included in the back (especially useful for crochet beginners attracted by the cute projects here), and color charts for the entire Vanna's Choice and Vanna's Choice Baby range are included (so one can choose alternate colors (if desired) before heading to the craft store).
Even if you haven't any babies to crochet for at the moment, chances are that you'll either need to make a baby present or choose to make baby items for charity sometime in the near future -- so having at least 1 crochet baby item pattern book on hand is a good idea, and Vanna's "Giggles & Grins" pattern book is an excellent choice for that purpose. Well done, Vanna!

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