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Fringe Benefits

Product Review (submitted on May 5, 2017):
Fringe…..I love it! There are 8 patterns that include accessories and wearables. All patterns are rated easy and use #4 and #5 weight yarn.
Each pattern comes with a shopping list!!! The material list has been made into a shopping list so you can just bring it with you and check off the items as you purchase them. Genius!
My Favorite Project Pick: Cowl, tank, and cuff bracelet…..I couldn’t choose just one!

I love more advanced patterns that challenge me, but there is something to be said about a book entirely dedicated to easy patterns that are fashionable as well. Easy patterns are great for when you want to crochet something without a lot of extra thought or concentration. And, while there are only 8 projects in this book, there is a variety of projects including a poncho, bags/purse, a vest, and more. If you love fringe, I think you’ll love the Fringe Benefits pattern book.

Leisure Arts now color codes their sizes. So if you have the same set of instructions with different stitch counts you will still see 32 (34, 36) but 32 might be blue, 34 pink, and 36 green. Sometimes it’s these little things that help immensely with the pattern instructions. Small and medium sizes are in one set of brackets { } and large, 1x, and 2x are in a separate set of brackets { } – I’m assuming this is to make it easier on the eyes to find what you’re looking for (like the color coded size counts).
Leisure Arts has included general pattern info (gauge, terms, abbreviations), as well as exactly which yarns were used for each project, so you can match it exactly if you’d like to.
Overall, Fringe Benefits is a great pattern book if you love fringe and/or are looking for some patterns that you can make in a short amount of time. I’ve only shown you a few of my favorites. You can click on any of the photos to go to Leisure Art’s website and see the rest of the projects. I would love for you to come back and tell me which project is your favorite.

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