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Knook Beginner Set (for medium weight yarn)

Product Review (submitted on September 22, 2012):
I have been playing with this for a week now. Started outlook loose but I'm getting much better at it and I really enjoy it. I knit and crochet. Always. Preferd knitting until now. Yes it's a bit slower. I don't really Care .I'm more interested that my project when finished looks good. I like the hooks and I wish they had more available. And an option for wood or metal. I actually like the wood better but if they had an addi type I would be purchasing both. Someone else said wood is not for everything and she is very correct. Knocking is easier on my hands especially the wood, and it stays on the cord nicely. I'm not happy withthe cords either. They pull against the hook and are starting to Frey. Please don't put down knocking as second class knitting. It gives the desired results easier just a bit slower and for me that's ok. And it works with knitting patterns so there's no shortage of those.oh I just LOVE Knooking! <3

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