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Welcome the Seasons eBook

SKU# 36006273

Welcome the Seasons eBook

SKU# 36006273

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Welcome the Seasons presents fun plastic canvas door or wall sign featuring interchangeable accents for all year. A charming Victorian house comes with add-on banners that welcome each season. A welcoming quilt-block sign has a spot in the center for placing seasonal and holiday motifs such as a valentine, shamrock, school slate, and jack-o'-lantern. For fall, a design with vibrant floral and harvest motifs welcomes guests into your home. All pieces are worked on 7-mesh plastic canvas using a size 16 tapestry needle and medium weight yarn. Floss details use 4 strands of cotton embroidery floss.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Date Published Apr 1, 2014
Front Cover Author N/A
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