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Super Scarves are all the rage!

Get your Free Crochet and Knit Super Scarf Patterns Now!

Super-size your scarf and discover the many wonderful ways you can wear it! Besides being dramatic fashion accessories, super scarves are great when you need extra warmth. While commuting on drafty trains or cheering your sports team at the stadium, you can wrap one around you multiple times and still have enough length to drape across your knees. Or you can bring a friend into the huddle and stay warm together. Life will be beautiful with this impressive wrap!


super scarf crochet free Epattern

Get this Free Crochet Super Scarf ePattern

super scarf knit free Epattern

Get this Free Knit Super Scarf ePattern


super scarf knit free Epattern

If you like these patterns you're going to love this book!

Super Scarves Coming Soon, features 5 easy to crochet Super Scarf designs.

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