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eBook Leisure Arts Puppet Mittens

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Product Description

Puppet Mittens: Ten (10) Projects to Knit Little Friends Who Lend a Warming Hand (Puppet Mittens, Winter, DIY, Knitting, Kristi Simpson, Leisure Arts, Kids) Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Whether our friends talk back to us or come to life during playtime, their company energizes each of us within seconds. When crafting these ten (10) family-fun projects, you'll turn any one of these animal-like friends into warm company. Put on a puppet shoe, for your family, your kids, or use the mittens to embrace the cold weather. The projects to look forward to in this book are: "¢ Basic Mittens "¢ Puppy "¢ Panda "¢ Piglet "¢ Frog "¢ Dragon "¢ Mallard "¢ Flamingo "¢ Cuckoo "¢ Toucan With easy-to-follow instructions, medium weight yard, knitting needles, stitch holders, and a yarn needle, you'll craft with a variety of knitting skills and techniques to bring your puppets to life! We hope you have fun with your new Puppet Mittens as you perform your heart out and as you stay warm!