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ePattern Buzzy the Bee

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Product Description

Have you ever wondered how Buzzy, the Bee, earned her name? Buzzy is a big, helping hand to her hive. She knows every trail to their pollinated flowers and has paved almost every path inside the hive. She also helps teach the younger worker bees what to do, and how to do it! If you ever need Buzzy’s help, make sure to ask ahead of time! She sure is busy-buzzy.

To help Buzzy get her wings, here’s what you’ll need to buy:
• 12” x 18” Piece of Black Woolfelt®
• 5” Square of Yellow Woolfelt®
• 3” x 6” Piece of Off-White Woolfelt®
• 2” Square of Pellon® Wonder Under® Paper-Backed Fusible Web #805
• 3” x 5” Piece of Freezer paper
• Black Sewing Thread
• Pearl Cotton or Embroidery Floss, Size 12, Colors: Black
• Polyester Fiberfill
• Two 3” Lengths of Wire for Antennae
• Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®
• (Optional) 1/3 cup Poly-Fil® Poly-Pellets® or Crushed Walnut Shells

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