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To serve you as quickly as possible, we have assembled this collection of answers to the questions we are asked most frequently through our Consumer Survey. Your feedback helps us to better understand your needs and to provide you with useful information on our Web site.

After viewing the following FAQs, if you have additional questions or comments, please go to the Contact Us page to send an email. To speed processing, address your email to one of the following areas:

E-Newsletter Editor: To participate in Tip Exchange or to discuss e-newsletter content.

Leisure Arts Publication Editors: To correspond with staff who produce Leisure Arts books, leaflets, DVDs, and other publications.

Consumer Service: To ask for assistance in matters such as how or where an individual can obtain Leisure Arts products or publications, etc. Technical Pattern Support: To ask for assistance in understanding instructions for making a design from a Leisure Arts publication (please specify type of skill involved, such as knit, crochet, etc.).

Retail/Business Customer Service (Wholesale Inquiries): For wholesale inquiries regarding product lines, how to place a wholesale order, how to participate in online sales, etc.

Remember, we want to help you enjoy the leisure arts of everyday living. Let us hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions You'll Find Below:

Q. Why aren't all of your products available for sale on-line?

A. Leisure Arts has only recently begun to partner with our retail stores to offer our publications and scrapbooking products on-line. We hope to have all of our products available for sale in the near future.

Q. Where can I purchase discontinued publications?

A. Once a Leisure Arts design or publication has been discontinued, we do not have any more inventory in our warehouse facility. However, check with your local retailers or our Online retailers for product availability. Just because we don't have any more copies doesn't necessarily mean that one of our retailers doesn't, either. If all else fails, check out an online auction site (e.g. Ebay) - you never know what you can find there!

Q. I would like to submit a design for Leisure Arts to consider. How can I do that?

A. Please see our submissions guide for detailed instructions

Q. How does Leisure Arts choose designs from those submitted?

A. A review committee meets approximately twice a month to compare what designs have been submitted to the needs of the market, based on current trends and sales figures. You will be notified by mail or telephone once a decision has been made. Please allow up to eight weeks for this process.

Q. I'm looking for a particular pattern, but I don't know its title. Can you help?

A. Try typing what you remember about the piece into our Quick Search tool. If the design is of a dog, then type "dog" into the space. The search tool will pull all products that we have listed as having a dog in them. When using the search tool, try to limit the words that you type in. If you are looking for the dog design, you might have greater success by typing in "dog" than by typing "dogs" or "dog designs." If you still can't find what you are looking for, it might be discontinued; however, feel free to give our customer service staff a call at 1-800-643-8030 to find out for sure. We are constantly changing and developing our website, so if you can't find what you are looking for, please check back with us from time to time. Thank you!

Q. I own a Leisure Arts publication. Can I get permission to photocopy it for a friend or co-worker?

A. No, we do not grant permission to photocopy nor do we make photocopies for an individual to distribute under any circumstances. Making any unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted material in any form is a violation of Federal copyright laws.

Q. What are the rules concerning selling projects made from Leisure Arts publications?

A. The designs themselves and the instructions in our leaflets are the exclusive property of Leisure Arts; the finished product made from our instructions belongs to you as long as you do not duplicate the instructions or claim to be the designer. The designs are intended for the personal, noncommercial use of our consumers, and we do not give permission for consumers to wholesale the projects they make from our designs in stores or businesses.If you are registered as a business or have a tax identification number, permission is denied for you to make and sell any projects using Leisure Arts designs.

Projects made from any Disney, Looney Tunes, Precious Moments, DC Comics, Frosty the Snowman, Dreamsicles, Cherished Teddies designs, or any other licensed product, may not be sold under any circumstances due to our agreements with these companies.

Q. What do I need to read a digital download and how?

A. Click here for more details.

Q. How can I convert Cross-Stitch skin tones to an African-American ethnicity?

A. A range of colors that work well are DMC floss numbers #838, #839, #840, and #841. If you only need three floss colors, drop #838. If the original design calls for five flesh tones, you can add DMC #938 for the darkest tone.

When substituting the cheek colors, choose from the DMC range of #632, #3772, #407, #3773, and #950. The cheek colors you choose will depend on the intensity of the flesh tones around the cheek. You wouldn't want to have the darkest cheek color to be darker than the flesh tone used next to it. The easiest way to choose is to lay the skeins of flesh colors you are using in order from dark to light. Then choose the cheek color from the range given that is closest in intensity to the lightest flesh color and try using it as your darkest cheek color. In most instances, this method will work fine for choosing correct cheek tones.

For hair color substitutions, the DMC range of #844, #645, #646, #647, and #648 works well with the flesh and cheek colors mentioned earlier. The DMC colors #645 and #646 are close in intensity, so you will probably need to use only one of them.

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