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eBook Teach The Easy Art Mosaic Knitting

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Product Description

"Teach Yourself the Easy Art of Mosaic Knitting: Full Instructions for Creating Beautiful Two-Color Designs – No Bobbins, No Charts to Follow! (Easy Designs, Beginners, Knit, Crochet, Leisure Arts, 50 Year Anniversary, Mosaic, Wardrobe, DIY, Home Décor, Fashion, 50th Anniversary, Retro, Vintage) Mosaic Knitting is fascinating, fun, and easy! It is a simple method of slip stitch knitting with two colors that eliminates bobbins or following charts. This leaflet gives 14 separate Mosaic patterns, which can be used for many decorative and fashion purposes. The instructions for some patterns may look long and complex but follow them one line at a time! You’ll find them so easy! "

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