How to Loom Knit MR. GNOME: Free Pattern (with video tutorials)

How to Loom Knit MR. GNOME: Free Pattern (with video tutorials)

Say hello to Mr. Gnome! He is so cute and super easy to make! This is a great project for beginners. Jump in, follow along in the videos and have fun creating your very own GNOME!

Medium Yarn in 4 colors: (1 for hat, 1 for body, 1 for nose and 1 for beard)
     Colors Used: Denim Blue, Light Grey, Buff and White
1- 5.5in (14 cm) 36-peg loom found HERE.
Yarn needle
Polyfil stuffing

Mr. Gnome is made in sections and assembled as you go: Body, Hat, Nose, Beard. You'll finish with details such as cinching the hat and adding poms. This is a great project for those who are wanting to make a fun project with your new loom!

To begin, we'll need to make the Body and the Hat. You'll use the same loom throughout. Let's begin!

With Light Grey, cast on using all 36 pegs. 
Working in the round, complete 25 rounds using the knit stitch.
This is how you will complete the cast on and the knit stitch.

Use the gather closure to bind off after you've completed the 25 rounds.
This is how you close the bottom of the gnome with the gather closure:

Next, complete the hat.
With Blue, cast on using all 36 pegs. Use the same double wrap simple cast on method as you did for the body.
Work in the round, complete 40 rounds using the knit stitch.
Use a simple bind off to complete the hat and remove from loom.

This is how you complete the simple bind off and close the top of the hat.

Stuff the Body and then let's semi-close the top of the body so that it rounds the head section so that the hat will fit on top. Join me as I complete this step:

Sew the hat onto the body, leaving an opening where the nose will be added. You'll need to leave this opening so that you can also attach the beard.

With buff, Cast on 6 pegs. We are going to use the loom in a back and forth motion this time instead of working in the round. 
Knit in back and forth rows for a total of 6-8 rows. You can make it as long as you want, but it will just make the nose larger! Mine measured about 2" long.
Bind of with the simple bind off method. Now, use a running stitch to bind the nose, stuff and close (shown in video).

Refer to the video for a visual:

Cut 25 strips of white yarn about 10" each. Tie one about a quarter size into a ring. 
Add the strips of cut yarn in the ring like fringe.
Refer to the video to complete the beard.

Stitch it on the Body.
Slip the ring of the beard over the nose and then sew it onto the body under that hat. 
Sew the hat over the nose and fasten off. 
Trim the Beard after attaching to the body.
Refer to the video on attaching the nose and the beard.

Now, it's time to pull the hat to the side, cinch it and sew it in place.

Next, make 2 medium pom poms in the same color as the body.
We will now attach them to the Hat. 
Cut a 12" length of the hat color, wrap it around the bound part of the hat and then attach the pompom on the end. 
Refer to the video as needed for finishing details.

We'd love to see your final gnome! Tag Leisure Arts on your social media with #leisurearts !

Jun 8th 2023 Kristi Simpson

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