Learn to Loom Knit with a Circular Loom

Learn to Loom Knit with a Circular Loom

Loom knitting is a different version of regular knitting that’s created on a pegged loom instead of needles. This craft allows you to jump right in and craft and have a finished project quickly…. And you can make a variety of projects with ONE loom!

Loom knitting is a type of knitting that’s done on a knitting loom, which is a wood, plastic or metal frame containing evenly spaced pegs. Knitting looms are generally round or rectangular and are available in various sizes and some are even adjustable. I want to show you how to use a round loom, completing the cast on, 2 main stitches and how to bind of…and then a fun project that you can use to practice your new skills.

In this project and video I am using the 36 peg round loom (the smallest) from this set:

The other looms can be used for a variety of projects such as hats, cowls, mitts and more! The circular looms create tubes, and in the project below we’ll use the tubes to create a cute gnome! You can also use a circular loom in back-and-forth rows to create scarves, panels and rectangular projects. However, rectangular looms offer a larger number of pegs to create larger and wider projects.

Now, let’s take a look at the different stitches, beginning with a basic CAST ON.

Next, the main stitch you’ll use is called the KNIT STITCH.

The next main stitch is the PURL stitch

You’ll use the knit and purl stitch in different stitch combinations to create different textures and patterns.

Finishing off the basics, you need to know how to bind off.
The basic bind off:

If you are creating a hat, use this bind off as it allows you to cinch the top and bind off in one step. 

Jun 2nd 2023 Kristi Simpson

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