Learn to Punch Needle

Learn to Punch Needle

Have you ever been curious about punch needle crafts? I have been for a while, so I took some time to learn how to use the punch needle tool and I loved it so much that I HAD to make some videos so I could teach you. It's simple yet creative. Easy yet intriguing. It's very user friendly but looks modern so it doesn't look like a rookie made it! And the texture is unreal!

In general, you thread the punch needle, prepare you hoop and just get started. The prep is minimal so you can get crafting fast, and that's important right? 

I actually LOVE the look of punch needle and the relaxing repetition of the process. I knew from the first section that this is something that I had to teach! So, sit back and be inspired to start your own punch needle project as I walk you through this kit. The Big Waves Punch Needle Kit comes with everything that you need to complete your project. If you want to see a few more options, search Punch Needle in the menu bar and I promise that you won't be disappointed! 

Let's take a look at how easy it is to set up your project and get started!  This is the full video that has all details (full demonstration).

May 26th 2023 Kristi Simpson

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