Learn to Embroider the Basics

Learn to Embroider the Basics

Kristi Simpson on May 20th 2023

Embroidery is so relaxing - and addicting! There's no 'counting' or strict pattern reading involved, it's simply stitching a beautiful vibrant detail on fabric. The repetition of movements will dissolve stress and inspire you to continue creating! Leisure Arts has many kits, epatterns and books that allow you to stitch gifts, embellish your accessories or clothing and inspire you to try different designs. 

This Blush Roses Embroidery Kit is a great starter project. It teaches you how to create some of the most basic stitches you need to know to get started: French knot, running stitch, straight stitch, satin stitch and even the wagon wheel (to create the roses!). You'll love how this project comes together...take a peek! 


Kristi Simpson guides and teaches you the different stitches so that you can complete your project with confidence. Grab your own Blush Roses Kit and join Kristi in making the project!

How to complete the leaves with the satin stitch:

How to create roses with the wagon wheel stitch:

How to complete the filler flowers with the french knot stitch:

How to stitch the small leaves with the straight stitch:

Complete the project with the running stitch:

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