Learn to Latch Hook

Learn to Latch Hook

Kristi Simpson on May 11th 2023

Have you ever tried to Latch Hook? No? Well, welcome to the world of pre-cut yarn and total fun! It's made so simple with Leisure Arts Latch Hook Kits! Yes! KITS! These kits have everything you need from the canvas, latch hook and pre-cut yarn! It's amazing...really! Kristi took the Stepping Stones Latch Hook Kit and created a learning video so you can see how to complete the ONE step process. You can also see what's in the kit and what to expect when you open your complete box of goodness! 

Look at how fun this is! Even kids can complete the Stepping Stones Kit! 

Not only is the process totally easy, but it's also addicting! Watching the kit progress and fill up with all of the won't be able to stop! And guess what - Leisure Arts has so many options for you! Here are a few:
Hot Air Balloon Latch Hook Kit

The pre-printed canvas helps you see what color to use!

Bee Latch hook Kit

Ocean Floor Latch Hook Kit

Butterfly Latch Hook Kit

There are so many options! Check it out for yourself!  Click the magnifying glass in the top menu bar and search 'latch hook kit' and it'll bring up more amazing options for you!