You Won't Be-leaf This

Jul 20th 2021

It does not matter if you have a green thumb or not. Whether you like the brightness of flowers, the ease of succulents, or the grandness of monstera plants, you can fill your house with plants without having to worry about watering anything! There are numerous ways to "paint" the perfect greenery for you.

Finger Painting

Finger Painting for Grown-Ups Monstera Leaf

Are you wanting to take yourself back to simpler times while creating your décor? Why not try finger painting for grown-ups?! It is not just for kids anymore! Make a little mess while adding some fine art to your space!

Finger Painting for Grown-Ups Monstera Leaf

Yarn Painting

Yarn Painting Monstera Leaf

Add to your wall art with this monstera leaf yarn painting! You do not have to worry about the mess of paint nor the technique needed for knit or crochet. You just need a little yarn, glue, and a canvas to make this piece come together!

Yarn Painting Monstera Leaf

Diamond Painting

Just Relax Draw & Dot Monstera Leaf

Want to add some simple décor to your home? Throw away the plastic, restaurant cup in which your cooking utensils are currently kept, and up your game with this freestyle diamond art monstera leaf and wooden box! Need something in the living room, too? No worries! Relax and try this single line diamond art monstera leaf. It is perfect for any modern, minimal space!

Sparkle Storage Diamond Art Monstera Leaf

Even when it is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, we have you covered on greenery in the home. If you try any of the projects, be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram @LeisureArtsInc; we love seeing your masterpieces!

Happy crafting!

-Leisure Arts team