DIY Gifts for Grown Ups

Oct 1st 2021

Gifting as a grown up is hard. With kids you can just get them something fun to play with or find something they need. Adults, however, tend to buy themselves everything they need and sometimes what they want. That's why finding a good gift to give a grown up is always so difficult. But it doesn't have to be! With our guidance, you'll be able to create a beautiful, custom project for your loved one without the stress of shopping around.


With its eye-catching layers of scales, the crocodile stitch is a fun way to add texture and interest to crochet projects from fashions to home decor. You'll love the versatility and how easy this book makes it for you to learn the new stitch. The scale-like patterning of this design is perfect for gifting to loved ones who love abstract textures and unique decor. From scarves to throw pillows, there's something in it for everybody.


Discover a new skill while creating something comforting for a loved one. With Beginner's Guide To Mosaic Knitting, you'll discover a new way to knit with ease. Knit a trendy garment or accessory for your friend's cozy home. Create complex looking fabrics using only one color per row. Your loved ones will love these shawls, cowls, throws, and more because of how comfortable and stylish they'll look wrapped in your handmade love.


Looking for a fun new project that creates eye catching accessories or cozy home decor? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned macrame pro, this book will inspire you. Your friends and family will love adding a touch of retro to their home decor or wardrobe and you'll love the creative energy that comes from macrame. It's easy to learn and easy to style, making it a  perfect gift.


Discover how easy it is to stencil unique projects for personalized gifts. Stenciling is an uncommon way to create excellent gifts with style and flair. From planters to home state plaques, there's a stenciling project that is perfect for friends and family for any occasion. 

No matter what you're gifting for, there's a perfect craft to fulfill all your gifting needs. If you end up creating one of these creations, or anything else from Leisure Arts, be sure to tag us with @leisureartsinc or #leisurearts. We love seeing what's going on in your crafty corner!

Happy crafting!

-Leisure Arts team