Start 'Em Young! Crafting for Kiddos

Start 'Em Young! Crafting for Kiddos

Jan 2nd 2022

Crafting is a lifelong passion for a lot of people. Give the gift of that passion to a younger generation with easy-to-follow books that are made for kids! From yarn crafts to quilting, there's a craft out there that's just waiting to be done by a youngster. Those tiny hands are the perfect size to hold a needle or crochet hook. With your supervision, they can become hooked on crafting early on!


Introduce your kid to the art of crochet. This book, with basic instructions, techniques, and stitches, will be their gateway to crafting. Kid-friendly instructions will make it easy for them to learn and understand the fundamentals of crochet while making themselves some seriously fun projects. It's easier than they know!


Learn to knit with the Knook! Kids can easily get their hands on a Knook and knit away as they create scarves, bags, and more. Let them discover the magical world of creativity that awaits them with yarn crafts! From the very first stitch, they'll be guided on their journey of knitting with the Knook in a way they've never experienced before. Techniques and stitches will be a breeze as they go through all the steps on their way to making their very own, handmade project.


Those pesky afterschool hours need to be filled, but how? With crafting, of course! These simple, fun crafts require little to no supervision and can provide hours of entertainment. Let them make custom picture frames, finger puppets, or even a tote bag, their imagination will be running wild! And you can let them run free with their creativity knowing they're diving into the world of crafting.


Quilting may not seem like a typical kid's project, but of course it is! This book is the perfect guide for teaching kids the awesome art of knitting. Learn felt applique, machine piecing, pattern making, and more. Perfect for ages 8-14, these seven designs are just the beginning of a lifelong addiction to quilting. You've got to start them young!

Whether you're crafting alongside them or want them to run free with their creativity, these crafts are the perfect way. From yarn crafts to quilting, there's something here to interest every kid out there. Crafting truly is the gateway to a life of imagination. As always, if you or your child creates something from this or any other blog post, be sure to tag us with @leisureartsinc or #leisurearts so we can see what you're up to. We love seeing what's happening in your crafty corner!

Happy learning!

-Leisure Arts team